Other Places 

أماكن أُخرى

Setting out to research the meaning of identity, they ended up researching Diaspora. How did diaspora become an identity?

Small moments, directions, closed and open roads, the visible and invisible, lines drawn between points on the map, between the soul and  the memory, these junctures are carved by Diaspora.

A group of Palestinian theatre artists scattered in far-flung points on the map all carry common memories and stories of one land. Each of them has his own path to Diaspora and together they tour their inner diaspora and try to understand their new identity.

In Other Places, Bashar Murkus and an ensemble of theatre artists transform the stage into a laboratory in-order to dissect the anatomy of identity. They manipulate the separate components, observe them from afar, scrutinize them from different perspectives. Deconstructing and reconstructing them anew in front of the audience.  The work offers a rich performance experience that considers memory a tangible material, the human being an object in a museum, and place an elusive concept.

The work began as a performance research project under the title “Identity in a Lab.” The participants are twenty Palestinian theatre artists living in different parts of the world.

In Arabic with surtitles



by Bashar Murkus and the project team

Directed by: Bashar Murkus

With: Raeda Ghazaleh, Shaden Kanboura, Khulood Basel Tannous, Husam Al-Azza, Henry Andrawes

Scenography: Majdala Khoury

Dramaturgy: Ala Hlehel

Light designer: Firas Tarabshi and Moody kablawi

Production assistant: Siwar Awwad

Graphic Design: Nihad Awidat

Media coordination: Mustafa kabalwi

English surtitles: Katharine Halls

Translation: Lore Baeten



Khashabi Theatre

and The Palestinian National Theatre – El-Hakawati









Khalifa Natour /Qalansawa * Amer Khalil /Jerusalem * Raeda Ghazaleh/ Beit Gala-  West Bank * Nicola Zreina/ Beit Gala- West Bank * Husam Al Azza /Al Azza camp – West Bank, lives in Abu Dhabi * Ashraf El Afifi/ Gaza * Hend Hassanen/ Gaza * Hana Ahmad/ Gaza * Atta Nasser/ Jerusalem, lives in Belgium * Kamel Badrneh/ Nazareth, lives in Belgium * Sahar Khalifa/ Refugee in Jordan * Mousa Al Satri/ Refugee in Jordan * Muhamad Nour Ahmad – Abu Gabi/ Al- Yarmouk camp, refugee in France * Tasneem Farid/ Al-Yarmouk camp, lives in Italy * Mohammad Tamim/
AlYarmouk camp, refugee in Germany * Khulood Basel Tannous/ Haifa * Shaden Kanboura/ Haifa * Henry Andrawes/ Tarshiha * Majdala Khoury/ Mi’ilya * Bashar Murkus/ Kufr Yasif

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